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  1. heh ,if you want to
  2. yarp. its my goal. I think I'd make a good ruler of the new world order.
  3. then have it your way .. everyone seeks his own goal of life.
  4. unexpected surprises are anticipated. Nothing short of death, or crippling, though, will stop me from giving it my damnest!
  5. No matter how good you are prepared there is always a chance for the "surprice" elemental to interfere ... but yeah come prepared and do what you must ,that's almost the principle behind determination.
  6. Nothing is easy, nothing is hard, so long as you just plan wisely, come prepared, and just fecking do it.
  7. You've got a lot of plans in your mind but do you think it's that easy using that methods?
  8. genetic alteration of animals for use as soldier-minions sold through pet stores. All the soldiers will be sterile hybrids, so as to minimize the amount of cleanup afterwards. Less poundpets. it'll be expensive, and I probably won't be able to do it for at least 2 decades, but by then I'll have found better plans.
  9. How do you plan on doing so ?
  10. yeah, I'll carve my world through my foe's coprses!
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