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  1. umm ..i was thinking all the time if i have another hobbies and i discovered that i don't have any hobbies ...just drawing what about you ?..
  2. I used to draw somewhat,and got a lot better(I was obsessed with drawing Yami Bakura),but I don't really enjoy drawing that much myself. I'd rather look at pictures than make 'em XD. I like to write,but haven't in a while,but I'm thinking about it... Sooo,any other hobbies u like?
  3. i can't live without drawing ...XD...i draw alot more than you Imagen .. :P..then do you like drawing ?...^ ^..
  4. hmmm,Dante talks like a dead guy,lol* That's messed up that they would change his personality...I heard something like that from somewhere,that something was very different. Well,I hope to see it one day. Um,so,what do you draw? Any anime characters?
  5. i have seen it and really like it but Danty.....DANTY is the problem he's so cold and he don't say any jocks but Danty in the game is stronger and more handsome and cute and Danty in the anime speak like dead guy....
  6. I thought the Ultimate had a problem with the lines being way too thick personally....But what I saw (only the first disc,I think only ep.1) the moon,and some scenes were very polished. I loved the first series art better,because of lines,but there were some,so,did u know there's a DMC anime? I have not seen it though....=^.^=
  7. umm....i didn't watched all the Ultimate so i can't decide but for now i thing it's the Ultimate what about you??....^ ^...
  8. I've seen all of the first series also,but I think only the 1st episode of the Ultimate. My favorites are kinda Alucard,Seras,and Walter all of them~soooo,which art did you like better? The 1st series,or the Ultimate???*
  9. i have seen the first series but i saw 3 episodes from the Ultimate and we cant Download the others but i really enjoyed watching it and my favorite character is differently Alucard ,i really like him..=>_< what about you??...
  10. don't cry~I haven't played 4 yet,just really saw 2 trailers of it. I played 1 and it was great....but not 2,you saw Hellsing? did you see the first series,or the Ultimate yet?
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