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  1. please don't make me cry country don't know anything about game and there is nothing it's name "anime" ....but thanks to my brothers....they saw something in the internet it's name "anime download" and that anime was "Hellsing" and we start to play different games and download animes but the speed was and still so bad .....and about DMC....we just player DMC 3.....we didn't played 1 or 2.....and DMC 4 is not exist in my country ....yet...T_T.....
  2. Hmmm,I think I've only played it twice through in "normal" mode with Dante? This was a quite a while back,when it first came out...then I tried a few levels with Vergil,(hated using his style..)and said to myself I'd come back to it later.....I will one you seen 4? I can't play it yet,have no PS3 yet =^.^=
  3. i have played "easy" and "normal" with Vergil but i didn't finish the "normal" yet ....i always play with Danty because his stronger .......and his so handsome .....=>_<=.....with Danty i have finished "easy" and "normal" and "high" ........and i like him....=>_<=.....what about you?....
  4. I've played DMC 1&3,all the first tomb raiders,until they got lame...,and FF7-10. I'm into the Atlus games,but have only played Persona 2,and some of Baroque so far of those....and several more. sooo,did you ever play DMC 3 through with Vergil?
  5. i have played "Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition" ,"Need For Speed Most Wanted" ,"Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East" ,"Heroes of Might and Magic V" ,"Starcraft Brood Wars" ,"Diablo II - Lord of Destruction" ,"Warcraft III" ,and"Warcraft III Frozen Throne"........what about you?.....
  6. hmmm,interesting. I have seen half of Fullmetal,and love it* ooh,Inu-Yasha is amazing! I haven't seen it all,but watching it in order(what I saw)really got me into it more than a lot of others~so,do you play video games?
  7. umm...i have favorite animes are Full Metal Alchemist ,Chrno Crusade ,Darker Than Black and .Hack Roots ....and i am dieing just to see Inu-Yasha ,Rurouni Kenshin and Naruto because the episodes are a lot and the speed of our internet is "8 or 10 KB" now ......T_T...
  8. hmmmm,that's like asking me my favorite song....hard to have a favorite...there's a lot of animes that I'm dying to see,but haven't yet but...out of what I've seen,based on the show itself,either Inu-Yasha,Orphen(only seen the comedic second one),and S-CRY-ED. ummm,btw,what's your's??
  9. not bad thanks for asking what is your favorite anime?
  10. I'm alright have you been doing?
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