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  1. I love a lot of rap,but can't stand country for the life of,do you like rock?
  2. XD a tedddddddddy bear aaaa that is so cute XD i love teddy bears they are so cute nyyyyaaaa XD .. uhm anyway lol ... i like and listen all kinds of music but i don't like rap and country songs XD ... what about you ??.. =^_^=
  3. oh just anime,manga,rock music,some stores also.... I have a teddy bear that I love,my niece gave her to me,Minerva is the bear's name~So,what kind of music do you listen to?
  4. stuff i like umm anime and songs ,stores and friends ,and my teddy bear XD , and for anime my favorite anime is Ouran High School Host Club , what about you ... =^_^=
  5. that's good. well nothing much is up,I live in a boring place.....what is some of the stuff u like,animes? =^.^=
  6. i am good XD , i am just killing my time with many stuff , like stuff i like or i don't like , so what is ip .. =^_^=
  7. Hello thx,nice to meet you 2! =^.^= So,how are you doing?*
  8. hi ^_^ nice to meet you ... you look sweet one XD .. =^_^=
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