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  1. Hi!!
    how have you been?
    Sorry I haven't messaged in awhile.
    I haven't been on in quite some time.
  2. thx for the summary,it sounds nice* so,are you watching/reading anything now of interest?
  3. Summary: The deadly demon assassin Ushitora, once worshiped as one of the best, betrays his people to live his life with a boy named Masato, who's family he killed years ago because they were Kuruizaki, the mixed offspring of Japanese Gods and humans, and an orphaned girl named Nao. Together, they search for the true meaning of family.

    I enjoy it. n_n it's fairly good.
  4. oh,ok,I've heard of all those on the Ororon cover,but don't know what any are about. Demon Flowers,that's a good what is that about?~
  5. oh okay.. umm well she doesnt have that many out Ba.ku and Asian Beat are both just short stories which are pretty good. Her other series Demon flowers is pretty good though.
  6. I am about half-way thru,where the maid stabs some guy...,I'm trying to finish it soon,but I've been a lil' busy. No,I have not read anymore of their work. have you? recommendation?
  7. I have, I really enjoyed it n_n how far are you?? have you read any other works by Mizuki?
  8. Nice to meet you Jay. Yes,I love Demon Ororon,but am not through yet....have you read all of it?
  9. hello, I'm Jay. Nice to meet you. Your a fan of the demon ororon as well??
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