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  1. I used to love Disney characters when I was younger,but now they kinda threw me off from trying the game out,maybe I should try it one day? I heard that you fight Sephiroth from FF7 in one?
  2. yes it's the coolest game ever.. even tho it has disney characters in it..... you'l get used to them... you really get sucked into the game and all that stuff
  3. XD So,you like Kingdom Hearts? I've never played that,is it fun to play?
  4. well time's beem going fast for me since as long as i can remember... probbably won't be to long and i wake up as a 80 year old fart
  5. People always say it's when you get older that if feels like it's going faster,but I think Time's getting faster,as we all get older?
  6. ya... tell me abbout it... i usualy get caught up in something and stay like that for hours.. and when i realize it the day is over
  7. I was very depressed one time,and I wanted the days to be shorter,so they could be over with. But now I feel better,and I too want them to be longer,there is not enough time to get housework done,I have a problem with time management!
  8. i wish that days whould be like 3 times bigger like 72 hours
  9. well all I know is it feels really weird.....somethings definitely going on about time.......XD
  10. yea... me to.... it kinda bugs me when time flyed... sometimes months seem like days.....
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