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  1. so wat cha playin now and how are you btw lol i forgot to ask
  2. I added you thx hmmm,a prequel? well,I'm gonna play that to later~
  3. well fes is like a prequil i think or a continuation
  4. Wow,I know it looks awesome! I played 2 Eternal Punishment through I think 3 times. Um,is FES a different game entirely? Or is it just xtra stuff added? I haven't looked into it much yet.....
  5. oh the fun that awaits you lol thats my fav game it was great i beat it and want to get the persona 3 fes version but cant find it T-T
  6. um,no I have that game,but I have not played it yet....It is from a manga called Shinigami Lovers that I read a little while ago. Have you played it yet?
  7. hey i have a question would your user name have anything to do with persona 3 by any chance?
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