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  1. Yeah I agree. The thing is that it can get addicting. My parents aren't the health concious type either, so yeah.
  2. not really I don't eat alot of fast food and when I eat a big meal I just get tired is all.But yay it might be because you been eating alot of fast food you should eat a good home cooked meal that's the best
  3. It could be cuz I've been eaten a lot of fast food and carry out lately. I need to eat heathier and small portioned food I guess cuz a big meal could be it too. You know?
  4. huh? why's that you eat something bad or something think you have food posioning
  5. Oh. So anyway, hows your day been?
    I've been having a crappy week of nausea.
  6. It's alright but I don't really like it when poeple say things about my age it REALLY doesn't work well when they do
  7. I don't even remember what I said..
    Yeah sorry. XD
  8. hey I might be 13 but I, quite literally look 15 or 16 so why are you questioning my age anyway
  9. Oh wow you're thirteen. Anyway, I was just saying. I'm not being so serious. : )
  10. I was just messing with you gesze can't you take a joke
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