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  1. So far so good, still in college XD so you know how that goes. How have you been?
  2. Hey rose long time no type lol how has life been? Hope it's going well at least
  3. so far so good lol the key is to learn at your own pace and no one elses
  4. oh yeah and how is college life working out for you
  5. Im heading into the 10th grade next year so I'll finally get to get into the new High school
  6. i think, work crazy stuff lol i'm in college now what about you
  7. hey long time no type what have you been up to this past year I think it's been a year
  8. aww lol ^^ that sounds really sweet =] itws been awhile since ive been to a wedding ^^
  9. hay sorry i haven't been on lately reason why is that i was sick tues. and weds. and i had to help my family with my cusion's wedding reciption and by the way my cusion wedding was today and it was great
  10. oh lol that sounds really cool
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