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  1. well thats a drag...but then again its not so bad unless you have over 20 then that a drag... well im super tired now im gonna crash laterz bro....
  2. it is better in style but now i have to get all my friend's # agian
  3. skool will always be a pain till u graduate... lucky for me i finished last year... so you lost ur fone and got an new one that kool is it better then ur last one.... anyways im gonna crash i had a long day nite bro and happy st. patties day... laterz
  4. well school a pian in the ass I lost my phone but got a new one today so nothing really new going on
  5. koo koo so whacha been up to ?.................................( sorry just hate the 50 charater writing) lol... look i did it
  6. ah nothing much it's just been cool and everything
  7. yooo beast long time no see how it going with you bro.... anything new with you?
  8. hey it was nice but i got to go laterz it was fun talking well take care and have fun see you around
  9. dude i kinda had a feeling so your in 8th grade thats cool man. i see you really like girls i dont after you get older and you wonder if its all worth it some times. but yea enjoy life the way you want to im just saying
  10. BINGO! and geuss what my gym class is 8th and 9th grade classes so I see women my own age and older women so it's sorta a win/win/lose as in I get two different grades of women win/win but we're playing volley ball /lose only thing that would be better would be beach volley ball
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