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  1. hmmmm. the girls if not then i dont know cuz i dont like it either
  2. I don't mine it's been okay just started volley ball in gym I hate volley ball there is only one reason I put up with volley ball can you geuss
  3. na man the same her nothen new. so how life been treating you? if you dont mind me asking
  4. hey how has it been man anything happen today man mine was same-o same-o
  5. well bro thats a drag man i hate when things like that happen. well bro i got to go but ill talk to you again later see you around k and hope you get some more rest laterz
  6. I got kicked off the bus today and then i got cought sleeping in all my classes I usually never get cought because of my long hiar but still got cought somehow and was tired all day long and just woke up from a nap a hour ago
  7. mines good bro thanks for asking i just went to work. i just got out an hour ago. so why was your day crappy
  8. hey man what's up how has your day been mine was crapy
  9. the movie takes place after ed gives his life for al and al gets his body back. ed and alk then meet again and have to stop a dumb B*tch from taking over both sides of the gate.
  10. no I haven't heard of that movie what's it about ?
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