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  1. well bro if you wanna get ahead of our self in the series of bleach thats a place to go it show up to 242 episodes and yea i saw the final episode of FMA and i have even seen the movie the conquare of shabala how about you have you seen it?
  2. no I never heard of that site but I have to agree on how bleach could have been better. hay have you ever seen the seris finally of FMA ?
  3. hey beast im gonna go ahead and let you go cuz im hungry and i havent eaten all day so im gonna make me something to eat well catch you later and see you around laterz bro
  4. i did the same but you are lucky cuz i got up all early this morning? what did you think of bleach last night. i think it could have been better. hey have you ever held of a site called its a awesome site to watch bleach episode and movies. i watched all three of the movies there. the only bad thing is that you have read subtitles but i like.
  5. its been alright watched so bleach and FMA last night so staying up late than going to sleep so I sleeped till 2 this afternoon so pretty good
  6. yo beast hows it going? so hows you day going so far?
  7. yea i know how that feels so what was your time in running it? i ran it in 7 minutes and 35 secondes i think i know the 7 right but im not so sure in the seconds though.
  8. ah, it was ok I guess I had to run the mile at school really hated that
  9. yo man hows it going how was your day? so anything new happen if you dont mind me asking.
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