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  1. click the dragon please
  2. me I'm just trying to be like land, being above C level in my classes
  3. nothing really , focusing on my school work trying to maintain my A- average in all my classes. what have you been doing lately then
  4. I'm doing good I just had a great day so what have you been doing lately
  5. hey Im sorry I havent been on here in so long Im doing great how about you
  6. hay how's my first friend I ever made on AO doing now adays
  7. i'm sorry i know how you feel i had two brothers and an uncle die over in iraq during the past year and a half
  8. now its my turn to say sorry he crisis but every thing is fine with me. how about you?
  9. hi i know i haven't talked to u in awhile so i just wanted to say what's up and hi
  10. hi hope we become fast friends if not there are alot of nice people here
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