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  1. I was using a .243 with .80 grain bullets so the kick back wasn't that harsh.
  2. what gun did you use it might be from the force of the kickback
  3. Well I did go shooting, but why would my whole arm hurt from that?
  4. try and remember what happened today rethink what you did today maybe you'll remember what happened
  5. Ooh, ouch. Yeah I somewhat feel your pain. My whole right arm is sore. I don't know why, but it just is.
  6. yeah i'm doing good but I triped on the stairs and I hurt my left elbow and right forarm and it still hurts after 9 hours
  7. My day has been fine, thanks for asking. How about you?
  8. hey Dude how it going man how has your day been on this fine day
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