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  1. My Gamer tag is Scourge15. I play CoD4 and 5, I have Gears 1 and 2 as well but its online play is rather one sided and isant that great unless its Hord, I have Mass Effect as well, Chromehounds and a few others.
  2. well lets see i have mass effect gears of war 1 and 2 halo 3 prototype and condemed 2:bloodshot by the way what is your gamertag
  3. What games do you have? We my be able to play each other and I can kick your butt. :P
  4. well i do have my 360 so at least i can go on xbox live i wish
  5. So what is there to do? I bet you must be driven completely crazy if there is so little to do.
  6. yeah it very boring down here and they're very little things to do
  7. One can only hope to get some numbers. Sorry about your situation and being stuck there.
  8. well hope you get a few #s up there man im stuck here in VA your lucky you know
  9. I will be going to Michigan to viset relatives and hang out at Devil's Lake, hopefully meet a few girls while I am there. :P
  10. hey what you up what are you doing this summer my friend and what you been up to
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