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  1. Hey man was in the nieghborhood so to speak and wanted to say what's up?
  2. hey man how you been doing in your life and you write anymore stories
  3. hey man how it going what you been up to round here
  4. yah m-x-mas 2u2, well, the story, been busy this past novermber, and this december, since u know... holidays and all that, lotsa bday parties too... so yah, but the Last Chapter story... so far i had only finished about 7 pages, since im doing about 400 words per day, and last week i got sick for a week or something, so i wasnt able to do much, but yah so far so good i think
  5. hey man merry X-mas so how's it going man haven't talked in away how are those stories coming along
  6. hey beast, been awhile, hmm... i had 3 more of those poems but ah well... anywayz, im stopping the ILYN series for now, since im working on this other story, the last chapter... i posted it on if you know that site... havent really put much yet but, once the first chapter is done, ill prolly try to post it here... but yah, k take care
  7. hay tem you know that poem you wrote I think you should continue it
  8. yah i just posted what i had right now, thats pretty much what i had this past month, since im still drawing blank
  9. hey man I see that you finaly posted for ILYN although you could've lengthen it some
  10. it actually does, since the characters there are too dark, which simplyfies awesomeness... haha but yah... i usually draw out the characters first before i make the story, im kinda having a hard time drawing the main girl... oh and D.B.Bine is a story i had before when i was about 10 years younger (ive had stories in my head since i was 7) and i just scratched it off, but now its been revived, DBBine actually came from the word "Divine" or something, i tried making a horror story before and thus came Bine (yah thats her name, and yah its a she)
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