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  1. like how did it pop into your head did you do something or did someone say something
  2. long time ago... not sure... and what do you mean why?
  3. hay when did you come up with I.L.Y.N. and why anyway
  4. i cant really say... coz i really dont know... theres just SOOOOOO many characters still coming up, ARCS... yes ARCS in every part, im trying to slow down a bit, even chapter 2 for me felt so rushed out actually... but yeah... the other main character hasn't even shown up yet =D but yah thanks for the support
  5. nice pretty good can't wait to see chap 3 how many chapters are there by the way
  6. hey... just wanted to let you know posted the 2nd chapter for ILYN
  7. your welcome so what wrong with your hand sprian your wrist or something ?
  8. also can you tell me when you post chapter 2+3 of I.L.Y.N because i want to be the first one to read it
  9. your welcome and good luck turnig your story into a manga also hope you etheir are or have someone to draw the pics
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