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  1. hi man im doing allright i've be working on the my Rpg its a bleach storyline its been approved and all but some of the people stopped posting out of 8 people there are only 2 posting right now the most one i just got yesterday so im looking for new players>< its such i pain in the ass><
  2. how it going man haven't talk so just wanted to say hi and how has your been so far
  3. I'm still working on it man give me a cupple more days its kinda hard coming up with a good ability okay
  4. then post it man post it now LOLOLOLOL^^.............
  5. thanks I finaly got the names for both my character's name and zanpaskuto's name thanks
  6. yeah but I'm trying to find a good japanese name that's why I'm struggling plus it is hard to find a site that can translate english to japanese
  7. use your name or a name that work well with he if you have everything about he send it to me and ill look at it give you some names that fit.
  8. okay I'm trying to make my own but, I can't seem to come up with a good name for him.
  9. it in the making just be payshent it will ne cool man
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