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  1. ooommmmgggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!u can speak german!!!thats tjhe coolest thing ever!!!!!!!!

    i can speak a little spanish and some chinese cantanese and mangrine (how ever u spell it) and im trying 2 learn some cambodian......yah
  2. I speak a little german and spanish but I don't know any other language fluently. Do you know any other language?
  3. yeah i understood..........can u speak any other languages?
  4. That means the anime is in japanese (which is also called "JAP DUB") but it has english subtitles (example: ENG SUB). Dub stands for what language they are speaking and sub stands for what language the subtitles are going to be in. I'm not sure I explained that well understand though?
  5. whats a eng sub ?
  6. Its great! Good action awesome love story and very funny at times. You know you can also watch anime on instead of downloading it or buying it. As long as you don't mind eng subs.
  7. omg!ive never seen it but i absoloutly love it when anime r turned 2 movies!im gonna tottaly watch it!
  8. WOW! I just got done watching Eureka Seven. Its an awesome anime! and they is going to be a movie or a second season of it coming out this April!
  9. gee....................well i guess ill buy it cause i love wolves and it sounds cool
  10. It use to come on cartoon network but not anymore. You got to either buy it or download it lol
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