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  1. ooooh, kinky
  2. XD It also hard for me to remember

    He was that "Sora King Of sumthin..." Guy.

    I was just now going through my old messages, & I found alot of them were yours. heh
  3. Lock... then whos scott?

    wow, I suck .

  4. Same here, I clicked on a google image link & it led me here XD
    Yeah iv'e been gone since 2005 or 2006 it says. :[
    I believe I met you through Shonn XD If you don't remember him he went by "Lock".

    He's been dropping by here as well.
  5. I dunno, this is my first time coming back to AO since I think.. I dunno a long time?

    How bout you?

    I dun even remember how we met.. u left for like years.. i've been gone for a real long time.. i dunno with school finishing and everything i just felt like popping by and youuuu were online!
  6. XD Kevin misses you & everyone from AO, but it's changed so much.
    I'm gonna get Scott to start getting back on here :3

    It's been a while,
    So whats new?
  7. Lavie Misses Youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 50 character limit? XD
    I see none :P

    So how is Lavie Doing :]
  9. ja'sld;fkja'st;lk!!!



    wtf with the 50 character limit..
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