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  1. Why is it, that every time I come from a long absence from AO, I always seem to get banned?

    I just never learn.

  2. If you go with the Asian culture, everyone's heading to "hell" anyways.
  3. You should go to hell for that statement.
  4. So you're saying you dont feel special being the one who killed Mr. Ledger?
  5. WOW that is a MESSED UP thing to say Michael!!
  6. "I have one question though. How did he die? I've looked it up, and all I get is 'uncertain cause of death'. Does anyone here have an idea or more information that could help ease my curiosity?"

    Cuz he saw you and said, "OMG ITS WOLF" then *plop* dead.
  7. LOL,

    aha.. you're an idiot..

    <.< *looks around for Gall*
  8. you know it! that's why I quit when you left, cuz i was like ohhhh oooh noooo now i have no one to play favorites.
  9. I called Koga an idiot. -_-

    Therefore, I know it wasn't you.

    Besides, you love me too much !
  10. hA! see you decide to slap around ppl. But just so you know it wasn't moi.
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