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  1. I got banned from the chat !! :O

  2. Serious ?
  3. You lost me on the highlighted name part...
  4. That's cool. AO will always be your home, I can tell.

    I guess I came back because I missed the people I spoke to, and yeh.
    One day. One day, when the skies are grey, will you see me with a highlighted username!! :O
  5. Technically I already moved on. I'm still here for old times sake.
  6. You mean move back.

    and lol,
    yes. I did my share at pissing off the higher peeps.
    ah, well. When in Rome.
  7. Well if you haven't step on so many toes up top you would have been an admin already, way before I will. Honestly, it's not all that cracked up to be. I had my fun and did my part for the forum...When there's nothing else to do you move on.
  8. -_- That's right Michael. Be the President of the United States and then resign, when there were a million people who wanted run in the first place !
  9. Yeah we have two new owners, but we rarely see one of them. And I gave my job up when there were changes, just to make things easy.
  10. True, I guess it doesn't seem like much changes when you're looking from the inside.. but I heard DB isn't owner anymore, and you're a veteran.. but was that a choice you made, why??
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