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  1. that's good, that's good. I guess there were a lot of changes. From the inside you don't really feel it.
  2. Hmm, I dunno.

    I guess I just decided to pass by and see how things have been going.

    Apparently A LOT .
  3. Yeah that's what happened. I ran out of the house I guess.

    So why are you back?
  4. haha, wowwww ur an idiot .

    what happened? you couldn't take the heat, so you got out of the kitchen??
  5. *holds the phone*

    Yes I was
  6. waitwaitwait, hold the phone!

    weren't you super mod???
  7. Who knows?
  8. wtf, VETERAN?!

    how long have I been gone?!?!?!?!!
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