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  1. Hey I am getting off her at 11:19 but i will be back on at 12:27 k.
  2. but this isn't going to change the fact I still think Me and You are not going to work out. Our views are diffrent and we still Fight argue and can't seem to come to an understanding.
  3. If the girl gets pist off at the guy of something he dose or says and pisses her off then ya the girl might feel like or want to hit the guy.
  4. jenny defending yourself dont mean you hit the person.....
  5. Okay well you are saying that if a girl hits a guy he should man up and take besides being a wipe and feel like he has to be a man and hit the girl its just wrong. If a girl hits a guy he should tell her to stop or yell not hit that just shows weakness.
  6. jenny im not saying a guy should hit a girl for no reason and make a girl have to defend themself im saying that if a girl attacks a guy a guy has the right to defend himself would you stop for once hearing what you want to hear and trying to twist things around to make me look like the bad guy
  7. Yeah Zach saying that a girl deserves what ever she gets and saying that is like saying it is right to hit a girl..... A man is much stronger then a girl the guy can hold the girl down and beat her its just not right and you saying if girls can defend herself and a guy can't really how much can the girl hurt a guy not much unless she uses something then ya maybe. If i defend myslef aganist a guy that was saying shit and I get hurt thats right huh? okay.... I know about equal rights what your talking about is abuse hate to tell you... Okay its settled we both have came to an understanding we can't be with one another. Were better off just being friends.
  8. you know what jenny i cant be with you either cause you think a man has no right to defend themself against a woman
  9. jenny i never said it was ok to hit a girl i just said if a girl is going to be hitting a man she deserve whatever she gets back you cant say its fair that a woman can defend herself from a man but if a man defends himself from a woman he is a bad person there is somethin called equal rights read about it you might learn somethin
  10. Well Zach i am sorry to say but i am done with you. You think it is right to hit a girl and that is just worng even as friends all we do is argue and i'm sick of it. I been thinking and I was ganna talk about it to you today but now seems okay. I really think you and I are better off just as friends I don't see us working out. I can only see us as friends right now. I can't be with someone who thinks its okay to hit a girl and we keep fighting and arguing all the time even as friends its not right i hate fighting. So..... I think you and I should be just be friends....... Call me After school I get out at 2:35 so call me if you wanna talk more about this.
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