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  1. jenny im about done with you you have always chosen your friends over me even when we was dating while i did just the opisite i pushed you ahead of all my friends while you pushed all your friends ahead of me
  2. You have no right to talk to sabrina like that she is sitting next to me and she knows more about me then you tell you the truth all my friends manly roger and shawna and sabrina know alot about me so don't des her like you are got it don't talk to her and treat her badly you don't know her to talk to her the way you are.
  3. Hey what are you up to you take forever to get on lol.
  4. Oh your one to talk about being disrespectfull lol you swear at me yell at me bitch at me and all that shit and you shouldn't do that to a girl you were so raised worng you shouldn't do that type of thing so back off i am never disrespectfull to no one well i'ma get off i'll call you after school bye.
  5. ya but you saying this stuff in public chat is rude and disrespectfull....
  6. hey i have to go to class i will call u after school k
  7. No one is around me or watching me and i prase you to my friends i never talk bad to you or even told them he fought till we broke up
  8. you always bring this crap up in public places like your trying to make me seem like a big jerk to everyone
  9. You always lie to me belive it or not you just never ament to it and there small lies so you might think its not a big deal and you know how i don't like it but oh well and of course you would being me lieing to you when and dought bring up the past
  10. most of the time i lie to you? you know that isnt even close to true if im not mistaken your the one that lied to me...
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