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  1. school is going very good about to go to lunch in 8 mins so what are you up to don't get off i'll be back on i gave you the times i am on i will be back on after lunch k.
  2. hey whats up? how is school?......................................
  3. Hey ZAch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what chu up to???????????????? i am getting off at 11:19 but i will be back on so don't get off okay. ^_^
  4. Yeah i know don't worrie i never get in troble ^_^ omg you said hehe thats cute lol i'll call you later okay i love you byez
  5. ya love you 2 have fun dont get in trouble and be carefull
  6. Hey i have to go my bell just ring i will call you after school okay i love you bye, ^_^
  7. ok ok ok fine w/e just let me know lol hehe...................
  8. No I am at school He is picking me shawna and a few of mine and his friends to go to the fair I'll just tell him that you really wanna talk to him and message him on myspace and I will give you a call when he gets on myspace. ^_^
  9. so wait your talking to him on the phone but u cant talk to me????
  10. Okay i'll just call you when he is ablt to get on and talk to you on myspace. So what are you going to be doing today????
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