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  1. hello????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????
  2. hey ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????
  3. okay im sorry thats what she said i didnt mean to make you mad and yes your right it is not ok for her to do that to you
  4. look you dont know me and you dont know how we are and i know things about her you will never know cause i lived with her 24/7 for atleast a total of 6+ months i know the sides of her she hides from everyone else and btw she yells screams curses and hits me and if its not ok for me to do it to her it isnt ok for her to do it to me i grew up with all girls and they all said woman have equal rights if they wanna yell scream curse and hit a man like a man would do to another man then they just put themselfs in a mans shoes this dont curse or yell at woman thing isnt just a woman you should yell or curse at anyone all i did was give her a peice of her own medicene
  5. yes but she and roger are best friends just like her and me they known each other for about 6 yrs btw roger wasn't the reason you two broke up she tells me everything it was cause of you guys always fight and arguing and you swearing at her she just had enough and needed to break up and It wasn't nice you swearing at her and telling her to go **** her boyfriend when she don't have one. Why that is why you guys broke up just to let you know.
  6. ya i know and she lied to me for a month about hanging out with him and then i see a picture of her on his lap btw did she tell you she swore on her brothers life to never hang out or talk to him again?
  7. i have 2 go bye??????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????/
  8. and oh hey the boy she is hanging out with his name is roger by the way
  9. she isnt upset by anything and she still goes and hangs out with the person that is the reason why we broke up idk why but that just seems like somethin she shouldnt be doing but she dont care she only cares about herself
  10. what do you mean by that ????????????????????????????????????????
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