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  1. M a g i c a l ! ! ! ! = ~ ) S w o r d s!~) Magic Sword of Wonders
  2. Yay magical swords
  3. Awww... ^-^ RaNdOmNeSs! *gasp* I got a magic sword to slay my vampire cousin with! Yay! lol
  4. Well My computer is my life so I'm glad you got yours back cuase I can imagine what it would B like = Death.
  5. I did and i got suspened from my computer it was bad... bbbbbbbbbuuuuuuttttt im back on so its not that bad no more ^-^
  6. Well tht sounds like it sucked. I hope you at least have a good weekend.
  7. Not...Fun... At...All... I have to come up with a new word to describe where we went... But everyone else were compulsive liars and jerkfaces! and yes i suck at spelling
  8. Well I hope you have fun. ^-^
  9. yeah... Sucks for him cause he has to go to school like that xD loser! ANYWAYS!! IM GOING TO WINSCONSON TOMORROW!!!!!! YAY!!!! EARLY DISMISSAL!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Nice
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