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  1. Not really :/ and uhhh.......... erhm....... yeah.... i dont know what to write :P
  2. Well I guess that's somewhat good is there anyone at your school that likes anime?
  3. As good as it'll get... Gettin better i guess even though we already had... uhm... incidents at school
  4. Hey you still occasionally go on this site hows School goin gettin any better.
  5. Same... and yup dont like it too much but i did -_-
  6. Hey haven't been on in a while because no 1 posts anymore So I thought I'd talk 2 *YOU*
    So Have you started school for this year. ???
  7. Thanks but I highly doubt it... Most the people in my class are jerks...
  8. Ha I hated my old school 2 sooooo anoying T.T (whenever I think about it a cry a little on the inside) Oh Well I hope this year will B awsome. ^.^ Hope yours is 2.
  9. Sounds like it... Ugghhhh.... I don't wanna go back... T-T ... I hate my school T-T
  10. I'm just starting my first year of high school so it's gonna be interesting.
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