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  1. that is good... and just so u kno im really glad i wasnt that person.... i mean u dont hate me rite?
  2. i got my pint up anger out AND i got to say how i felt about the person.
  3. yea how so? i mean how was it worth it??????????????????????????
  4. yea i know but in away it was so worth it.
    *these r my 50 characters*
  5. lol... nice 50 characters... and thats not good i mean u almost getting exspelled
  6. oh yea i almost got exspelled.
    *these r my 50 chracters*
  7. yea been there done that...... that sucks................
  8. umm i wrote some thing i should have not wrote. i was not thinking clearly cause i was really pissed off.
  9. lol thats not good wat did u do?????? need more letters
  10. yea i know iv been grounded and susspended and stuff.
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