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  1. thats kool no worries but if i dont hear from you.. hope you have a good summer and take care... sorry i havent been around lately been working and no free time anymore... well see you around... take care
  2. see!... oh its okey... oh school is out 0n the 7th... so i will be out of contact for 2 or 2 and a 1/2 months... till then bye!
  3. wow... hate when people do things like that... id do the same thing as you if someone did that in front of me... also sorry about replying back late been out of it lately just finally got the weekend off so time for R&R... well hope things are looking up for you.. see you around... till next time laterz...
  4. yea...this girl was rubing in her waelth in my friends face...its okey...till next time.
  5. a fight... wow how did that happen...? if i might ask... but if you dont feel like saying its kool.. sorry about getting back to you 2 days later but work is work but i got the weekend off so time for some R&R.... well hope things are looking better for you now... see you around till next time take care
  6. Im so happy you got a job!........yea thing r going great besideds a fight i got in to you later cresent...
  7. hey long time no see deuchi... sorry i havent replyed back to you in weeks... i finally got a job again so i havent had much time to be on as much anymore... hope things are going well for you? i myself as hot as hell cuz of work but im slowly getting use to it... well sorry this is a short message i got to finish here and go make lunch for tomorrow... till next time take care and have a nice day k... laterz...
  8. okey u to........ have fun cresent knight !
  9. true... sorry im gonna have to pass, my prez from my war game is having a discussion for todays war so im gonna have to go... sorry about that.. nice talking to you again.. well see you around till next time... take care laterz...
  10. well thats good... but every one has there opinon... hey r u willing to do a naruto fanfic?
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