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  1. *laughing* the funny farm!* droping candy to get u to fallow and not get tierd*
  2. the funny wat? oh well, candy!!!!!!!!!! -runs after-
  3. to the funny farm!* waves the bag in front of u and then runs*
  4. yay!!!!! -eats it- so were r we goin again? i got distracted by the candy
  5. you can trust me. hehehehehehehehehehe! heres a piece of candy.
  6. well i dont no if i should trust u....u and ur many typos.....-sees the bag of cnady wagging- ok ill go
  7. yes u can ahve one now.*lokking in to thwe bag* what kind do u want. i have them all.*waging the bag in front of you while walking backwords.*
  8. well can i have one now? im hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. *gigleing* yes you can haveevery kind just come willingly and you get the whole bag.*starts to haed tword the funny farm*
  10. i want every kind!!!! even if they r nasty i will have them just to say i have a lot of candy
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