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  1. Awesome =)
  2. thats kool i got a boyfriend now too nd a shophmore in high school
  3. Hey. I've been great thanks, I have a girlfriend now , and I start College next Monday.
  4. hello im back and ned to be very good @ school! so how have u been?
  5. For the 50 characters thing, just put a load of spaces before the full stop ;D
  6. no tomarow is.
    *these are my 50 characters*
    *grr i need more letters*
  7. Last day of school, I'm guessing ?
  8. im good just 6/8/10 is my last day. i am bored also!
  9. I'm alright thanks, how are you?
  10. cool! so how r u?
    *these r my 50 characters*
    *grr need more letters*
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