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  1. So's Alicia. Her older brother's a marine, and I think her family has a history.
  2. thats a really good thing to do my whole family has been in the army, navy, or marines. so all in all im an army brat.
  3. Yep, after this semester...It's so I can spend alittle more time with my folks and Alicia.
  4. oh i didnt know u where going into the army !
  5. all I gotta do is get into the reserve and see my Alicia after boot camp.
  6. that is cool .
  7. Every brought in something, whether on healthy food choices or stuff on the 20's. It was cool.
  8. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so good to hear !
  9. Just got done, and it went really well. I think I might have aced it.
  10. okey then good luck .
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