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  1. on the nearuto one? its still going but we need more ppl.
  2. so how is the role playing game going did u get enough players?
  3. oh it okey .
  4. i'm sorry but im not really into role playing stuff plus i don't know if i understand the point of them yet.
  5. u must join my naruto shippuden fanfic. just pm ur character to me if u want to join. oh and yes u can be a naruto character. im dedara!
  6. ill check ur clan alright right now i've got my brother's girlfriend's cuz checkin me not really into him through so that's my only complaint except for all this college stuff.miss animeonline through.
  7. helloooooo im back! so how have you been? i got a boyfriend now! Oh you should join my clan the Yakuza!
  8. ooohhhhhh yea its just i wont be online but i get to go to a bloodonthedancefloor concert.
  9. i'd take it ur more than happy to be getting out?
  10. hey to day is my last day so i just thought i should have one last chat with my friends
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