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  1. your very welome and don't worry i'm here to save you no matter what your my little angel.
  2. no i'm going to miss you so much but i understand really i do school is very tuff there is alot to deal with.
  3. lol yeah but i will be back home on wesday i belive but my wisdom teeth are gone yay it was not as bad as i thought i'm doing very good and there is not to much pain but the medicne sucks but oh well i'm use to that since i've had so many sugreies in my life i'm very use to it but i'm talking well but having a little pain yawning and opening up really wide but other then that doing really well. thank you for everything you did it was very sweet and i will never forget it anything you may need ask and i'll do what ever i can.
  4. yeah a long time ago i got to see a freind of mine and that was the last time but it was cool now i don't go anywhere that doesn't working consantly but hey that happens.
  5. thanks again what are you planing for your summer? going any where? anything new with your family?
  6. thank you i have always been sweet thank you very very much letting me know you think so it means a lot to here that from you thank you
  7. your welcome really welcome and your safe with me i'm here no matter what you need or want anything i'm here for you always.
  8. hey the grace of the age i think is good and the best part is you know a lot more about so many things and now you have more freedom do do what you want if haven't been and i will be by your side as a freind every step of the way.
  9. lol it's good how is your day going so far i've been kindna all over lately and i'm just criuos talk to you soon.
  10. thank you so much but i'm ok i do well not to ever let myslef get like that much more and it is good but you need to be careful and your a freind of mine no is not an option.
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