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  1. oh man that sucks but i've never had food posing but i have been dehayeted so manytimes that i will never go to some places ever again beause of that.
  2. hey that is good your better what were you sick with? if you don't mind me asking just wondering.
  3. *smiles at you* thank you your very kind i love that in my freinds wich is why i don't have alot now but i'm glad that we are freinds it is a great thing and i don't want to lose it sorry i was not on for a few days i was brught back to my mom's house and had no time to plan sorry.
  4. lol ture thanks but i think any number is to many for anyone but it will be fine i know i can hadle it but thank you for being very kind and looking out for me.
  5. thanks but it is cool my mom went threw it so i can understand why it is just a thing to live with but still thank you.
  6. i'm doing good just trying de stress and things are very good but i think at some time i will have to go in and get my wisdom teeth removed but other then that i'm doing well thank you my freind.
  7. hey it has been a long whaile how are you doing my freind? hope everything is good let me know.
  8. lol i'm sure since you seem to and hey that is cool but i'll stick to not getting stuck in the middle a have a lot on my plate already i don't want anymore right now.
  9. oh yes that one i got is a few times it seems ponitless to me but hey i do as it asks can't go agaist it.
  10. What? i never heard of the rule ever until now from you i had no idea there was one.
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