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  1. hey i'm sorry did like tick you off or somthing i just need you to let me know and then i can fix it ok?
  2. that is very cool i thin that is gret sorry i was gone foe a bit but know when i can i will always check in.
  3. hey no i'm not a big fan of nartuo just no me i like boold+,trinriy blood,inuyasha,beach,and some others i don't rember right now any others you like.
  4. hey can you resend your message i can't read it cause it messed up if you resend it then i can see to get it.
  5. wow rock on that is so cool i hope you have a kick ass time really and thanks.
  6. mixed up not sure but hey it has been a very long day for me alrdery with an early moring and a late night to night.
  7. hey there sweetie how are you doing since we talked last it has been a while.
  8. sure thing me too got be be quick and shimmy away far away for a little bit.
  9. good i've been very good i have a boyfreind and classes are going very well and now a lot of new things are coming and i love it.
  10. yes i know how that is and i miss talking to you a miss a lot of my freinds kindna went off and have not hernd from them since unil now that is.
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