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  1. yeah i've ski'd since i was 3
    Its really funny cause im australian
    and people will start explaining what snowboarding and Skiing is
    and i'm just like I KNOW, i probably ski and board better than you
  2. Not much, just some new jeans and a tee shirt lol. Cool! I used to ski alot... xoxo
  3. Nice! what did you buy?
    I cant wait for the weekend
    oh .. I'm going snowboarding on Thursday =)
  4. Oh cool!! That actually sounds fun! lol, All I did today is go to town and shop xD
  5. Well it was kind of a weird day ... I ended up going climbing in a ravine with My Friend Stephen >XD
  6. HAHAAA! I know how you feel. Stupid 50 characters thing lol. No problem, and NOT MUCH, how about you?
  7. Hey ^_^ whats up? thanks for the add by the way .. im just saying random stuff now cause well.... the thing said my message was too short :P
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