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  1. we need to do that now so we can have less dependency on harmful energy sources. we need to cut out gas and diesel for a while and try something new
  2. that is why we needed to tap the oil in alaska + texis so gas will go down then we will have enough to at least start the convershion from gas to other sorces like water and wind
  3. all of that cost money not everyone can afford that lol ya know?
  4. ya and if something gets mixed up like that i am sorry (dislexic) but ya plug your car in is what i ment
  5. plug in your cars? is that what you mean like electricity?
  6. this is true. but the problem is that most of amarica and the world is not doing to try to reverce the effect. this is why i think if we all take five min out of our day and pick up trash and recical plastic it would change the planet magerly. and in the colder places plug in your cars so that they dont have to work as hard which cuts back on gass use.
  7. yes but all of this costs money and we want the environment to be cleaner and healthier for all the ozone layer is being destroyed as we speak and drilling in oil will only put us back into the same situation we're in ten years from now.
  8. i agree we should use our resources wisely i am all for that but i am just saying eather we tap the billions of gallans of oil that alaska still has (also texis) gass prices will be at $1.00 or less or we need to have a people unight and change the way we get our energy (like wind water ect) or start making cars that get 70+ mpg cheeper so every one can afford them you know
  9. yea you are...what about the polar bears? isnt the ice caps kinda melting over there a little bit? global warming affects everywhere and everyone not just in the states. its important that we use our resources wisely
  10. well they alwase complain about "global worming" and it is a good idea to help earth but over the winter alaska (where i live is in ancrage, alaska) we got 5-7 feet of snow and down to -25 degree so i dont think were in that much danger of globel worming
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