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  1. thanks and i am glad to see your the same way. it seems a lot of people now adays dont do that and plus no one in my school is realy my tipe. i am so jellous of you that you have a boyfriend
  2. Working in places like that tends to do that to you.. it also helps realize what is important in life.

    I see, well in that aspect I am the same way and since not many people are, I respect you in that manner.
  3. well i just havent found the right one hand if i am going to be dating some one i wont to have all my hart and love in the relashionship nothing less. i want to make them feel like i will bether no matter what you know.

    ya i work in a funeral home. i opend my eyes and make a more carring to people and now i can sit dow and talk for hours about anything it seams like
  4. Aww... Why aren't you dating anyone? Is it just personal feeling at the moment?

    Ahh.. work... I'm a volunteer so I don't get paid much but I work a lot
  5. not much juct working i am not seeing anyone at the moment but beond that much nothing much just living and having fun
  6. hey what have you ben up to just wanted to pop in and say hi
  7. well just look at it this way in december of 08 the highest was -18 degee ya below 0 but ya if you want to talk meat me here tomarrow about 20 min earlyer because i have to go to work (in a funeral home) so ya ttyl
  8. Hot? That's cold weather... I prefer 80 to 90 degree weather...
  9. kansas man is it hot there do not know how you can handle the heat if it is hotter then 75 outside it is to *HOT*!!!!!!! ya i like the temp right around 50-65 how about you
  10. I hate the cold so your one up on me being able to handle it. I live in the wonderful 10 minute weather of Kansas. yay me.. lol
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