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  1. yoooo toboe long time no see just thought id drop in and say hi and see how you were doing? man its been to long hope evderything is going good with you... well take care and hope you have a great day laterz man..
  2. yo dude hows it going bro what have you been up to lately ? well bro hit me up when oyu get the chance laters
  3. yo toboe hows it going its been a while so what have you been up to? well man hit me up when ever you get the chance k laters bro....
  4. yo toboe hows it going what you doing? im bored just chillen and getting my work done for class but other then that im doing nothing but it lunch time so ill get back to you later k peace
  5. what is up man how are you today?????????
  6. o well that sucks. so what kind of martial arts are you into?
  7. no i dont realy box but my friend invited me to try it out so i did and i hurt my arm because we were realy geting in to it and i twisted my arm wrong but i do know marshel arts
  8. yo toboe im good just bored so oyu box thats cool how good are you?
  9. not much just working my tale off. hurt my sholder boxing with a friend thow but besides that nothing realy how about you what have you been up to lattly
  10. yo hey hows it going? so what have you been up to?
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