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  1. and i like them because they are nice pathers and loyal.
  2. oooo nice choice stelt speed and stranth i see why you would pick them
  3. Mine Would Be The Fears Black Tigers And They Would Be My Protectoress
  4. that would be sweet but personly i would like a pack of wolves as my friend
  5. well i know but i like to have a bear as a friend!
  6. but is it not the challonge that is the fun part. i am going to have a big challonge this summer with hunting grizzly bears. an animal that hunts you while you hunt it
  7. I hunt a little bit but only rabbits but its really hard to hunt them down buts its a challenege!~!
  8. hey doy you hunt at all if you do what is your faverate thing to hunt
  9. havent herd from you latly so what is up man? i am so happy it got to 50 today
  10. you ever seen wolf rain?? it is desent but i like it but i do have to say death note is still better what is your though
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