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  1. yes and no wich one do you want to hear frist? sorry i'm a little high on life and.... i...... have...... to..... leave...... again... sorry tearing up a little tty later meow.
  2. well the freind that i tlod you about is going away again so i worry about him and the guy that is stalking me won't leave me alone.
  3. i'm ok just really worried about one of my freinds i hope to help him understand that what is happening to me there is nothing that i can do about it.
  4. oh i'm sorry i didn't know sorry about that it is ok if you get confused just let me know and i will try to say it simpler ok?
  5. well what i was trying to say was putting a lot of diffrent pictuers togather and see what i can do with that.
  6. yes i can't wait either i am going to work on a collse hopfully this weekend it will be loads of fun.
  7. no i never watend to end it i just have other veiws on hunting that is all trust me i have other freinds who do the same thing so it is ok talk to you soon cassy.
  8. fishing not my fortae and i will not hunt i have no disire to i love anmails and i work and own them olny if i need to severvie and i us the hide,bone,and every part then i will but other than that i can't.
  9. good just stuff going on but hey live life and keep going how about you.
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