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  1. ooo lol i was going to say my friend is going to colloge also and that is why i though
  2. not college im not even close to college i still have 6 or 7 years till im of age to go. no it just really busy in the last couple weeks of school.
  3. your in colloge?? sweet what is going to be your major might i ask
  4. im on episode ......15 maybe i lost my place when i had a busy week at school.
  5. how far are you in the show ?? i wold sy i like toboe because he is a lot like me in most ways
  6. mines hige! hes hilarious especially when hes like i hope theres a lot of girls preety around.
  7. so who is your faverat so far in wolfs rain????? mine is toboe if you couldent tell
  8. ya it is really good i havent finished it yet though.and the characters are awesome!
  9. ya wolfs rain is good. i realy like the plot throught out the whole show how about you
  10. you watch wolfs rain???
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