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  1. hew well i have to go to my job ttyl tomarrow so have a good day ok man
  2. i gess so. i never realy understood her but it is in the past so lest keep loking in the future maby we will find that one person ( and win millions of dollers) both would be great
  3. i ges your x had some trust ishues or some ting i ges
  4. i mean when i bough her something nice she did not like it od did not want it but if i did not get her anything she would flipout on me. and what ever i did to try to make something romantic like a romantic movie and a nice diner she hated it and clamed i was doing this only to get lucky and not just to be romantic like i was trying to be. that is what i mean she is backwords
  5. that ****ing sucks man i feal sory for you.......................and also what do you mean by crazy
  6. well just wondeing because my x kicked me in the famly jewls and then sayed its over but she was also CRASY!!!!!! >.< i still cant walk buy her without flinching
  7. what do you mean wath hapen we broke up like wat is it now about two weeks now
  8. darn the sucks man so what happend if you dont mind me asking
  9. not much not much my x got a boyfriend sofar tats all thats hapen to me lately
  10. just working my tale off at work, and hurt my arm by boxing with my friend but besudes that nothing much. how about you MR. Trojan man what is new lol
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