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  1. i just remember this pick that i got of pokemon hope you like it

  2. lol can you find the ninjas
  3. man i have plad that game sence the 90s lol i use to be big in to that
  4. 1.2.3..and poof you are in (i got that from the pokemon games)
  5. oo thatnks for reminding me i forgot because i worked over the weekend so let me find your group kk
  6. LOL i ges so does that caunt as rape or what and also have you trid to join my made up clan (name is 18+)
  7. lol i am not realy sherr on that one but if the clone says "no" dose that mean you unwilling tuched your self
  8. owe that go when you want to put a pic click on the go advance buton then click on quick upload a littol box shoud pop up then click browse in the small box and ther you go
  9. hey thawt of someting if you have sex with a clone of your self is it bein gay or masturbation sinse its still tecnakly you
  10. i mean the wonder woman that should up on mine how did it show up and not be just a url
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