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  1. i just copied and pasted the url that you gave me why
  2. lol hey how did you get the photo to come up on the this thig were we are thalking not just the url
  3. your luky compared to me in enve you ( sarcasum hahahahahahahahah )
  4. look at the url and that is some or the average alaskan weman for you
  5. (hope the pic works) alaska girls
  6. ROFL omg that is great that is bad even compared to alaska standerds
  7. i lived in LA for about 19 1/2 year of my life then i moved to the midole of nowere (hatch NM) this plase suks it was fun for a few days but now thers noting to do here i cant even get a girl here ther all ****ing pregnant or ugly like all hell some of them look like the girl in the pic below
  8. how come where did you move to??? you know you can still find that life if you meat the right people you know
  9. its sofar doing good i just kinda miss my old dangerous life in LA (((
  10. hey man how is life treating you today?????????
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