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  1. me i lived in a shoting rage i originaly came from downtown LA it was fun playing dodge the bulet i got to go talk to you later pease
  2. do you have a place like that were you come from??????
  3. an old car and a washer. i was in sutton basicly every one who has a gun and a truck brings a peacs of junk to there so every one gets to shoot at it. it is an unannounced shooting range
  4. thath sounds like fun what did you use as a target
  5. lol well i just shot my brothers 500 mag hand gun so i am stoked it is about $2 a shot
  6. hello wats up aniting new happen me no (((
  7. ok have fun at work (sarcasum) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  8. go to go tell you tomarrow ttyl ........................
  9. ok the clans name is 18+ ( icodent come up with a good name)
  10. i would just tell me the clans name and then i could bring some one also if you want
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