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  1. hey i just uploaded a new photo into my photos take a look i think you will like the "fox" one hope it makes you laugh
  2. hey what is up man good to hear from you, ya that day it felt it i were to jump in the air i would fly lol
  3. bull what is your wind 70-80, well in march alaska had 120 mph wind and we still went on with our dayly lives
  4. hey man how is the wether down there? it got up to 50 to day so i al livin large
    it is worm outside
  5. for exampole you might want to respond to some ones friend recuest the anser migt be a simpole "yes, ok, fine" but just because they are to short they wont go tats some bull
  6. it sucks just because sometimes the anwer you want to wright to some one could be like 5 words you know
  7. yea yea yea wats up toboe aniting new hapen today so wats your view on having to use 50 charecters
  8. well it just seemed yesterday you did not like the usa very much even though you live in it
  9. ok fine by me see you ther (dam i freken hate to use 50 leters on purpose)
  10. hey lets talk mor about this tomarro about the same time maby a little earlyer i have to go to work
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